Who we are.

Hydroproduct was established in 1994 as a privately owned producer of hydraulic hose reinforcement.
Initially, its main area of business consisted in the supply of hose lines for hydraulic mechanisms, but as early as a few years after the company establishment its scope was extended to include air conditioning hoses and components. Later the company started to offer a complete range for hydraulic and air conditioning systems.
Due to the growing volume of purchase orders and the range of supplied components, the company owner focused – in the first decade of the company’s existence – on acquiring sufficient space allowing for a future growth of the workplace. Thus, over the course of several years, Hydroproduct has acquired the premises, in which it has operated by now.
Along with the expansion of the premises, the company continued to purchase the production technology equipment, in particular CNC milling and turning centres. Over the years, the company also focused on tube forming, among other things. With the acquisition of bending machines, Hydroproduct began to establish itself in this field as well. Subsequently, the workplaces were supplemented with soldering and welding technologies. Recently, the company also began to focus on waterjet cutting with clean water and abrasives.
In 2019, the workplaces were rebuilt and new production facilities were built. Thus, the production area has currently exceeded 2,500 sq m. The company consists of four main buildings equipped with modern technology and is able to deliver products combining a wide range of production technologies in the highest quality.
Over the years, Hydroproduct has expanded its portfolio from hose reinforcement to the production of all types of air conditioning and hydraulic end fittings, hydraulic cylinders, weldments as well as waterjet cut insulation and filtration kits. Currently our company employs over 60 people and supplies products to several countries worldwide. It cooperates with multinational concerns, to which it supplies tailor-made products of the highest quality complemented by perfect service.

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Establishment of Hydroproduct s.r.o.

The company was established on 6 September 1994 in Poděbrady and focused on the reinforcement of hydraulic hoses.


The company began to produce hydraulic hoses

The company hired warehouse premises; production of reinforced hydraulic hoses; retail sales.


The company began to supply air conditioning hoses

Acquisition of a major business partner in the field of air-conditioning systems, through which Hydroproduct extended its range of hydraulic hoses with air-conditioning hoses, including end fittings. The leased premises were also expanded to include an additional building (currently the office building).


Serial deliveries to production lines

Just three years after its establishment, the company began to supply customized products in series to multinational companies, both in the fields of hydraulics and air conditioning. This has been an essential step for the company’s dramatic growth. It helped us to establish ourself as a major market player in the sector.


Purchase of the main building and acquisition of production technology equipment

The increase in business cooperation made it possible for us to acquire the main building to the Hydroproduct ownership. We purchased the production technology equipment for the mass production of hydraulic and air-conditioning components and installed them in this building.


Redevelopment and extension of the main building

A few years after the acquisition of the main building the time has come to modernise it and add another floor. In this way we acquired additional office premises, but above all a new production area where we moved the assembly of hydraulic and air conditioning hoses.


Changing rooms and dining room

As the company grew, so did the number of employees- We had to provide them with reasonable social facilities – a canteen, changing rooms and showers.


Construction of a hall for machining and expansion of technology

The construction of the production premises and the acquisition of new CNC technologies became a significant milestone. Following a huge increase in the company’s turnover, Hydroproduct invested in the construction of a machining hall and the acquisition of CNC turning and milling centres. This purchase enabled a further shift in the customized components manufactured, particularly in the portfolio of hose end fittings.